Wakefield and Seneff Address The Synergistic Toxicity of Vaccines and GMOs

Dr. Andrew Wakefield addressed a large audience in Orem, Utah, on October 2, 2015.

Andy addressed a much smaller audience the following morning at a breakfast attended by doctors, politicians, and other influential people. I had the privilege and honor of attending the breakfast where I sat next to Dr. Wakefield, and enjoyed some informal conversation with him.

Elianna, Andy, Brett

Andy emphasized the importance the citizens of Utah play in vaccine related issues because Representative Jason Chaffetz is from Utah and he is also the Head of Oversight & Government Reform Committee. He strongly encouraged everyone present to do everything they can to persuade Chaffetz to subpoena the CDC whistleblower, Dr. William Thompson.

(Click here for Chaffetz’s contact information.)

After his presentation, Andy responded to questions.

My primary focus for the past few years has been the unavoidable and catastrophic consequences from the global commercialization of GMOs. (My books are available here and here and in Japanese here). So I asked Andy about Dr. Stephanie Seneff’s research in which she states that GMOs and vaccines result in synergistic toxicity.

Following is Andy’s response:

“Stephanie Seneff is a Senior Scientist at MIT, Ph.D. in computer science and artificial intelligence. Her interest is in the interaction of environmental factors that might conspire to produce an adverse outcome.

If one accepts for the moment—and the research is very strong in this—that the gut is central to—because the immune system, 70% of the immune system of the body is contained in the gut—influencing the brain and other organs. Glyphosate is a powerful toxin to the gut. It kills our normal bacterial flora. It’s interesting and I heard a lecture the other day from a scientist in the UK who said, ‘We are 9/10ths bacteria and 1/10th human.’

Our gut bacteria determine not only our immune health, but our brain development and behavior. It’s absolutely fascinating that our gut bacteria are crucial to our normal health and healthy functioning. And just as an interesting observation, children born by Caesarean section have a higher rate of immune disorders than those born by vaginal delivery because they acquire a different flora. They acquire gut flora from hospital bacteria rather than the mother’s bacteria. And their longtime immune health is influenced by the way in which they are born.

So your gut bacteria are emerging as fundamental to your health. Glyphosate damages gut bacteria. It also allows things through that would not normally get through, so the barrier function of your gut to keep bad stuff out and let good stuff in is damaged and it causes toxins like aluminum and other things to get through the gut and thereby access the brain. So the idea that something that can injure the gut like glyphosate and that might interact with something else that operates through the gut like perhaps MMR vaccine, the idea that those might compound the risk of an adverse outcome is entirely biologically plausible.”

The current state of GMOs and vaccines are like ugly twins spawned from the same greedy and corrupt parents. Each results in a host of unforeseen, potentially catastrophic consequences, and when joined together, their effects multiply the toxicity of the other. It is altogether fitting then that the interbreeding of these ugly twins have spawned a second generation nightmare: vaccines containing genetically modified organisms and genetically modified crops that produce vaccines. These mutant creations will undoubtedly result in further destruction of the delicate interplay between DNA, cells, organs, and systems within our bodies as well as the delicate ecosystems of Mother Earth.


Many thanks and blessings to the growing number of scientists, researchers, whistleblowers, and doctors who risk their careers, livelihoods, and even their lives as they speak out against the corruption, greed, and global madness that form the foundation of the biotech and vaccine industries.

Your sacrifices are deeply appreciated!

Andy Breakfast 7

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