THANK YOU, Fund Run Pledges and Pledgers!!!

A coast to coast thanks to everyone who has donated and will donate to our Fund Run and our transcontinental run. We want to publicly acknowledge the people who are helping to turn our epic run into a reality.

Following our two pledge tables:
1. Fund Run pledges/David’s laps. We would love to see the pledge/David’s lap total reach at least $100.
2. Fixed Amount Pledges. This is for people who would rather donate up front regardless of the number of laps David and I run on December 14.

 Pledges/David’s laps (pledge amounts included for people who want to see the numbers)

First Name Last Name State Pledge/lap
Grandma Wilcox UT $2.00
Rob & Stacy Wilcox UT $1.00


Fixed Amount Pledges (pledge amounts omitted for people who want to be discreet)

First Name Last Name State Total Pledge
Jeff Budd AK $
Grandma Wilcox UT $
Ryan & Angie Hill AK $
Owen & Beth Kindig AK $
Matt Hunter AK $
Smokey Beare AK $
Andrew Sullivan AK $
Toby Campbell AK $
D. Paxton AK $
A Johnstone AK $
F.C. Estrada AK $
Greg Harlton AK $
Roger Hames AK $


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