Sitka Joins The World To March Against Monsanto

Three days ago I posted a blog featuring Dr. Vandana Shiva and her 5 minute video explaining why we March Against Monsanto. Since then, 1,800 people have Liked it. If you’re not one of them, WATCH IT NOW! You need to know why we March Against Monsanto! You need to know who controls the world’s food supply! You need to know how to stand up to Monsanto. You need to attend the March Against Monsanto wherever you live!

Gajaa Heen Dancers

Chuck Miller will officiate at Sitka’s March Against Monsanto. He will be dressed in his Tlingit regalia. We have the support of the Alaska Native Sisterhood. Sharon McIndoo and the Haa Toowu Litseen Drum group will drum for us. Dancers representing several dance groups will dance.

When I speak, I will compare the original Western expansion and Land Grab to the modern day world-wide Seed Grab. Several other people will address Monsanto related issues. There will be an Open Mike. Everyone is invited to speak. Everyone will have a voice. Everyone will be heard.

We will make history tomorrow. More importantly, we will reclaim our children’s future. Our generation will do what we should have done 20 years ago. We will sleep no longer.

We will say No to Monsanto!

We will say Yes to Life, to the Earth, to the environment, to our health, to our seed sovereignty, and our seed freedom!

We will join every march around the world in spirit, while we stand together on Castle Hill to March Against Monsanto!

See you at the March!!!

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