Photo Shoot at Roy’s Gas Station on Route 66

Recently, we’ve had the rather cool experience of running on historic Route 66. Until now, I had no idea how much Route 66 means to some people. The attendant at Roy’s gas station in Amboy told us that Roy’s–the last remaining original building on Route 66–is swamped with people–mostly of foreign origin–who have traveled from around the world to experience the legend and lore of Route 66. Among other things, the site is often used for photo shoots and movie sets for which people pay several pretty pennies. We parked our trailer and stayed for a couple of nights across the street from Roy’s. Kris woke up on the morning of our departure inspired to do a photo shoot before we hit the road. Historic setting, brilliant morning light, beautiful model and click, click, click. Was good to get some kicks while David’s kicking butt and I’m getting my butt kicked on Route 66.














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7 Responses to Photo Shoot at Roy’s Gas Station on Route 66

  1. Bill Schultz says:


    It was Feb 27, 1990 when I ran thru Amboy. I stopped and talked at the school there. At the time total enrollment was 17. I spoke to the ‘entire’ school and then went with them to lunch where I also talked with their parents.

    Have fun Cadiz was next.

    Another Day, Another Mile,
    Bill Schultz

  2. Jayne says:

    Pretty darn cool, guys. The pics turned out great 😉

  3. If Only…
    if only i had heard about your wonderful family & what your doing for our world, our generation, & the next six…
    sometime ago… like a hundred miles before you got to Joshua Tree, we would have had a big celebration/event for you here- there are SO many people of “Like Mind” here…
    well, as it was, i just got to talk to you for a few minutes out on Amboy Rd., & bought your great book… so i’ll do what i can to support from cyberspace!
    would’ve even visited you in Amboy if i’d known you were there a couple of days…
    Well, there’s always the future…
    Keep Up the Good Work… Running the Country… -=~!~=- Sunny

    • Brett Wilcox says:

      Meeting you on the road was a highlight for the day. We really enjoyed talking with you and hearing of your work and commitment. We called you later in the day. I must have taken down your number wrong. Thanks so much for your support!

  4. Michaela says:

    Wow — you guys, I LOVE these photos. How awesome. I wanna explore there! Kris, you are a bomb shell and great Idea with the shoot. 🙂

    • Brett Wilcox says:

      Thanks, Michaela. The photo shoot was indeed fun. I remember you talking about all the kind people you and your hubby experienced on the road in Canada. We’re also experiencing much the same. Great experience!

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