Gunalchéesh Sitka For Our March Against Monsanto

 Chuck Miller speaks at Sitka's March Against Monsanto. "My grandmother used to teach my family that we need to treat our food with respect or it will not provide for us. GMOs are not the way to treat Mother Earth and the generations yet to come." -- Chuck Miller, Tlingit Native Alaskan

Thank you, Sitka Sentinel, for printing the following Letter To The Editor on May 28, 2013.

On May 25, 2013, over 150 Sitkans joined more than two million people in the first global March Against Monsanto, protesting Monsanto’s products, pollution, corruption, and lies.

Gunalchéesh to the many people who made Sitka’s event a success. Thank you, Chuck Miller! Dressed in your Tlingit regalia, your presence and leadership turned this event into a ceremony in which we honored and upheld Native peoples, values, and beliefs. Thanks to the Haa Toowu Litseen drummers and the dancers who assembled from various Native dance groups. Your offerings brought spirit and power. Thanks to the many speakers. Together, we shared a wealth of information addressing a broad range of topics including health, environment, politics, science, and spirit. We addressed global problems and local solutions. Thanks to the Sitka Sentinel, KCAW, and the Sitka Conservation Society for pre-event publicity. Thanks to the Lutheran church for lending chairs and podium. Thanks to the officials who gave us permission to meet on Castle Hill. Thanks to the Harbor Department for opening the restrooms under O’Connell Bridge. Thanks to several people who professionally covered the sound, photography, and video. Because of your work, people from around the world will watch our event online and learn of Sitka’s commitment to stand up to corrupt business while standing for the environment, humanity, and freedom.

Now what? Prior to the Internet, Monsanto and the media controlled the Monsanto story. The lame-stream media largely ignored our two-million strong protest or they used it to spread more Monsanto propaganda. If we’re going to stop Monsanto, we must share the real story. Use your God-given gifts to share that story. Sing, write, talk, debate, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, email, sign petitions, call legislators, buy GMO-free food, plant organic seeds and seeds of truth, or support the Sitka Food Co-op, etc. If you don’t blog, but you have something to share, email your message to me, and I may post it on our website. I’m using my gifts to write a book to expose Monsanto lies. I plan to give the Kindle version away prior to the next March Against Monsanto in October. And in 2014, David and I will use the gift of running as we run across America to share the truth about Monsanto and the biotech industry. We’re running the country because it’s not right that Monsanto is running the country. We’re blogging at Thanks again, everyone! Organic blessings to all of you as we move forward!

Brett Wilcox, Sitka

Photo Credit: Debi Terry

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