A War Train, GMO Free Message, and Kiss


We shoot a lot of video while Running For a GMO Free USA. But we rarely have good Internet connections, so very little makes it to our blog.

Thanks to the generosity of a new good friend, we’ve got good Internet as well as good food, friends and a beautiful place to crash and rest up until tomorrow.

So while we’re in Flagstaff, I uploaded three random videos as follows:

The War Train–We’ve seen hundreds of trains between Huntington Beach and Flagstaff but only two trains that I would call a War Train. Take a look. Does this train outside of Needles, California, look like a War Train to you?

No GMO–There’s a stretch of road near Roy’s legendary gas station on Route 66 where hundreds of people have used rocks to leave their names in the embankment that lines the road. David and I left our own unique message.

GMO Free USA Kiss–Our daughter, Erika, and her hubby, Russell, spent the weekend with us recently near Arizona’s Grand Canyon Caverns. Erika ran with David and me and presented a GMO Free USA seed packet and message with a not-so-unsuspecting passerby. That’s not all she shared.

Our message to you is this: Thanks for your friendship and support!
See you on the road!



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