Ten Reasons GMOs are Dangerous

The mantra of the chemical/biotech industry is “GMOs are Safe.” If repetition made something true, then GMOs would be safer than mother’s milk. But sadly GMOs are far from safe, and sadly, even mother’s milk is now contaminated with Monsanto’s glyphosate. Following are ten points illustrating the environmental, social, political, and physical dangers associated with agricultural systems based on genetically modified organisms.


1. GMOs are invasive species. Most invasive species replace native plants or animals. GMOs contaminate organic and conventional crops. As long as GMOs contaminate, they will continue to be unsafe.

2. GMOs have resulted in severe economic consequences.
StarkLink GMO corn cost as much as $288 million in lost revenue. Bayer’s Liberty Link rice cost some $1.29 billion in lost exports.

When a farmer discovered Monsanto’s unapproved Roundup Ready wheat on his farm, Japan and Korea immediately stopped importing ALL U.S. wheat.

The only reason GMOs have a U.S. market is because, up to this point, the chemical companies and the U.S. government have successfully kept people in the dark regarding the GMOs in their food.

3. Chemical based GMOs create super weeds and super bugs.
Every new weed or bug gives the chemical companies another opportunity to profit on yet another more dangerous chemical.

4. Chemical based agriculture turns farmers into environmental drug addicts. Both drug addicts and farmers develop tolerance and dependence on their drugs or poisons. They both need to use more of their substances to get the desired high or effect. Many drug users eventually die and many farmers eventually kill the soil (or they develop illnesses and diseases due to their exposure to Roundup and other poisons). The cycle ends only when the substance users stop using their substances.

5. Patents on seed turn farmers into indentured servants. Seeds have existed in the public domain since the beginning of time. Patented seeds turn farmers into servants of the chemical companies that own the patents. This servitude is especially dangerous for the peasant farmers in developing countries where they are not supported by farm subsidies and insurance. Thousands have already committed suicide in India to escape insurmountable debt related to GMO agriculture.

6. Patented GMOs destroy biodiversity and increase the risk of crop failure and famine. Much of America’s farmland is covered with GMO corn, soy, and cotton. America’s large-scale monocultures have the potential to make Ireland’s potato famine look small by comparison.

7. Surrendering the control of our seed and food supply to a few chemical (poison) companies results in a food system monopoly. We all know that those who control the food supply control the world. If we’re going to surrender our seeds and food to a corporation, do we want it to be Monsanto, the same company that produced and profited from Agent Orange, DDT, and PCBs?


8. Opening the GMO door leaves it open to GMO salmon and other laboratory-modified animals. Salmon are sacred to many people. Over 9,000 stores have pledged not to sell genetically modified salmon. Corn is no less sacred to many Mexicans and Native Americans than salmon. Whether GMOs grow from the soil or swim in the sea, they are an affront to mankind’s cultural and environmental heritage.

9. GMOs are proof that American democracy has been lost to corporate interests. Virtually everyone we met on the road in our 13 state, 3000 mile, coast-to-coast run opposes GMOs. Virtually everyone wants GMOs labeled or banned. Of course they want GMOs labeled so they can avoid buying them. And yet, by and large, “our” government is largely unresponsive to what the voters want. The government, however, actively colludes with the chemical giants to keep GMOs in the food supply.

10. Health and Environmental Destruction. Thousands of independent studies implicate GMOs and their companion poisons in human health issues and environmental degradation. From soil organisms, to bees, fish, wildlife, and human beings, GMOs and companion chemicals poison life. Speaking of GMOs and Roundup in our food supply, Dr. Don Huber states, “Glyphosate is a pittance compared to DDT.” He adds, “We’ve pretty much sacrificed an entire generation of children. The longer we go, the more damage that is going to accumulate.”

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