Sitka’s March/Potluck Against Monsanto October 11, 2013

Thanks to everyone who contributed to the success of Sitka’s first March Against Monsanto. The second global March Against Monsanto is scheduled for this weekend. Sitka’s event will be more of a potluck than march. (I didn’t want to march in our October rain!) We will meet at Centennial Hall, eat, and have a short program on Friday, October 11th at 6:30 pm.

March Against Monsanto Flyer72

As you may know, I’ve been in Utah since mid July caring for my aging parents. That’s means I haven’t had time to prepare for Friday’s potluck the way I would have liked. However, we will still enjoy the evening together, sharing Monsanto/GMO free foods and having a brief program. I have recorded a short speech (Yes, it really is short this time!) that Kris will play in my absence in which I talk about some of the latest Monsanto news and I introduce my new book, We’re Monsanto, Feeding the World, Lie After Lie. In addition, we will hear a brief message Dr. Vandana Shiva prepared specifically for the World Food Day. Dr. Shiva will tell us who really provides food security. (Hint: It’s definitely not Monsanto and industrial agriculture.)

Our champion cross-country runner, David, and his non-champion father will commence our transcontinental run in January. Kris and David will share a few words regarding our run.

The potluck will feature a potato/salad bar and anything else you contribute. Remember, this meal will be GMO free, which means virtually all processed foods are out. If it’s not organic and it has derivatives of corn, canola, cottonseed, soy, or beet sugar, it is likely genetically modified and contaminated with Roundup.

If you spoke, sang, danced, or otherwise shared your talents at the first March Against Monsanto, please come to Friday’s potluck and Kris will happily give you a free paperback copy of We’re Monsanto. If you want to buy a copy, Kris will give you a $5 discount if you commit to review it on Amazon. The Kindle version of We’re Monsanto is free on Amazon from Oct 8-12.

Call Kris if you’d like to help out. 752-0447. Thanks, everyone!
Brett Wilcox


I will be honored to speak at Salt Lake City’s March Against Monsanto on Saturday, October 12, 12:00 noon at the City and County Building. If you’re in or around SLC, come to the march!!! I’d love to meet you and of course, I’d love to sell you a copy of We’re Monsanto!

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