Sitkans March Against Monsanto And Bad Spelling

Today!!! We March!!! Against Monsanto!!! And Bad Spelling!!!
May 25, 2013
2:00 pm
Castle Hill
Sitka, Alaska

Brett Wilcox March Against Monsanto Sign

Today!!! We March For Our Children!!! We March For Seed Freedom, Seed Sovereignty, And Seed Democracy!!! We March For Political Democracy!!! We don’t live in the United States of Monsanto, We Live In The United States of America!!! We March For The Americas, For Europe, For Asia, For Africa. We March For The Earth, Our Common Mother!!!

March Against Monsanto 4

What An Epic Day!!!

March Against Monsanto 3

Today We Make History!! Today We Reclaim Our Future!!!

March Against Monsanto 2

Gunalchéesh to Everyone Around The World For Marching Against Monsanto!!!

March Against Monsanto 1

Organic Blessings To You, Today, Tomorrow, And Forever More!!!

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