Running The Country To Stop Monsanto and GMOs

We recently spoke at the Rotary Club in Sitka to talk about our run across America and genetically modified organisms.

Big thanks to our friend and supporter, Jeff Budd, for his enthusiastic response to our run. What’s not to like about a guy who keeps asking when he can donate money, and who has enthusiastically volunteered to join us on the run to support our beautiful support crew.

And big thanks to the Sitka Rotary Club. Erika enjoyed a year in Bolivia on a Rotary exchange and Brit enjoyed a year in Thailand on a Rotary exchange. Thank you, Rotary Club! And thanks for listening to us on our first public speaking event in which we discussed the run and our cause.

With Jeff Budd

As I said in the presentation: We’re running the country because it isn’t right that Monsanto is running the country.

We’re running for your food and your health.

Run with us!


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