Running into Philly

Is it possible? After six months on the road are we finally running into Philadelphia, only sixty miles from our destination in Ocean City, New Jersey?


What an adventure and what a blessing it’s been!


David and I are running strong. We put in 30 miles of sweat and wet yesterday. Another 23 or so miles today and we’ll arrive at the Liberty Bell.


Prior to launching our run tomorrow morning from the Liberty Bell, we’ll meet with GMO Free enthusiasts and supporters. Meet us there at 9 am.


The location, of course, has symbolic significance. The American people have spoken again and again; more than 90% of Americans want GMOs labeled. And yet, overall, our government continues to collude with the chemical industry to keep GMOs unlabeled, because they know the GMO label is a skull and crossbones to their GMO empire. But we’re making progress. Vermont recently passed the first no-strings attached labeling bill. The people of Jackson and Josephine counties in Oregon beat the chemical industry by banning GMOs entirely from their counties. And the people of Hawaii continue to fight against the poisoning of their paradise.


Virtually every person we’ve talked with between California and Pennsylvania favors GMO labels. Most want GMOs banned altogether.

Together we can make it happen. Seed freedom and food freedom for all!

If you see us on the road today as we run into Philadelphia, honk to show your support for a GMO Free USA.

Clink on this link to see a map of today’s run:

Screen Shot 2014-07-16 at 7.34.01 AM

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2 Responses to Running into Philly

  1. Liz says:

    Hi Brett and Family,
    Congratulations on your journey!!! I’m inspired by your passion and dedication. We met up in Newtown Square today. I was running in a No Meat Athlete tank top. Had I realized your mission and goal at the time I would have loved to have run further with you and learned more about your experience. Great job and keep it up. You’re in the home stretch now!!!!!!

    Your running friend, and no-GMO supporter,

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