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On January 18, 2014, the father and son team, Brett and David Wilcox, launched their transcontinental run from Huntington Beach Pier. They are running for a GMO Free USA. Brett’s wife, Kris, and daughter, Olivia, are crewing for the runners. If successful David will become the youngest living person and Brett and David will become the first father/teen son team to complete this run. While pounding the pavement, the running duo are striking up conversations with passersby, distributing organic seed packets labeled “GMO Free USA” and discussing multiple issues related to GMO/chemical based agriculture. As a public speaker and author of the book We’re Monsanto: Feeding the World, Lie After Lie, Brett is available for media interviews, presentations, and book signings. David is available to talk about running, motivation, and his thoughts on GMOs. The Wilcox family will make a documentary based on their run and they are actively seeking interviews with farmers, scientists, consumers, parents, etc., regardless of their positions on GMOs. Major stops across the country include Flagstaff (AZ), Albuquerque (NM), Amarillo (TX), Wichita (KS), St. Louis (MO), Springfield (IL), Indianapolis (IN), Columbus (OH), Washington DC, Philadelphia (PA), and Atlantic City (NJ). Both Brett and Kris have taken a leave of absence from their jobs to complete this coast-to-coast run. They are accepting tax-deductible donations to help cover the run expenses. To donate and for more information, please refer to, Running The Country Facebook group and page and RunningTheUSA at Twitter. Contact Kris or Brett directly at 907-752-0447.


Running For a GMO Free USA Interview Topics:
Brett has participated in several media interviews. He is prepared to discuss the following:

1. What are GMOs?
2. What are the major types of GMOs?
3. Which companies produce GMOs?
4. Which food plants have been genetically modified?
5. What are the benefits of GMOs to farmers?
6. What are the benefits of GMOs to consumers?
7. Do scientists agree on the safety of GMOs?
8. Are there studies that have demonstrated health problems with GMOs?
9. What is genetic contamination?
10. Should GMOs be labeled?
11. GMOs are labeled or banned in over 60 countries, why aren’t they labeled in the USA?
12. If GMOs are not safe, why do the U.S. regulatory agencies grant them commercial approval?
13. What is the Monsanto/U.S. government revolving door?
Since GMOs aren’t labeled in the U.S., how can we best avoid GMOs in the grocery store?
14. What are the most dangerous GMO related lies?
15. What is the Transpacific Partnership (TPP) and what does the TPP have to do with GMOs?
16. What do you hope to accomplish by running for a GMO Free USA?
17. How can listeners/viewers follow your run?
18. How can listeners/viewers support you as you run across the USA?
19. What can listeners/viewers do to get more involved in the GMO Free movement?

David is also prepared to share his thoughts on the GMO issue as well as what it’s like to be the youngest living person to attempt this transcontinental run.

CREDENTIALS: Brett Wilcox is a licensed professional counselor, speaker and athlete. The author of WE’RE MONSANTO: Feeding the World, Lie After Lie, Brett and his 15-year old son David are running across America starting from Huntington Beach, California in January 2014. They are promoting personal and environmental health, GMO food labeling and non-patented natural seeds.

AVAILABILITY: On the road between L.A. and D.C., nationwide by arrangement and via telephone.

CONTACT: Brett or Kris Wilcox, (907) 752-0447 (AK);;


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