This page is dedicated to the people who have contributed funds in support of our run and mission. Click on the donate link, fill out the form, and tell us why you support Running The Country. Then we’ll add your statement to this page.

We offer an America sized thank you to the people who have and will help us run for a GMO-Free USA!!

May your comments inspire others as much as they inspire us!

Peter DeAngelo:
The Monsanto Company is the most diabolical company on earth! I am quite sure they and their products are responsible for at least half of all cancers in this country. People need to wake up!!”

Travis McGregor:
“We support David because we know him from school and we support the cause of eliminating GMO’s. Good luck David, run hard and be safe!”

Grandma Wilcox:
“I’m so pleased with my multi-talented grandson. Grandpa and I are very grateful to have a son (Brett) who is teaching his children to understand the great threat GMOs are to their lives and the life of the planet.”

Elizabeth Faulkner:
“I totally admire what you guys are going, so everyone put your money where your mouth is and donate!”

“I chose this card because it was a flock – you are doing a great thing for a lot of people – us – the human race, our flock. Thank you to you and your son – be safe and enjoy your wonderful journey – it will succeed.”

“Thank you for doing this run.”

Jeff Budd:
“I support Running the Country because it is a great challenge, a worthy endeavor, and a special opportunity for a family to get to work together towards such a neat goal. It will be fun and it will be hard, and the outcomes are unknown but loaded with many wonderful possibilities. I like long trips (time and distance wise) that allow for plenty of time for reflection, allow one to experience that there are really good people all over this country, and at their pace really get to see the countryside. The message they will carry along with them is worthy of their efforts.”

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