Medvejie Run and the Fund Run

David and I both prepared for the Big Run today. He by gathering pledges for our Fund Run and I by running to the Medvejie Fish Hatchery. Both of us enjoyed the morning. David found our neighbors to be generous and kind.


Some donated for the run, others donated for the mission, and perhaps others donated just because David is such an amazing young man. I’ve created a Thank-You-For-Your-Generous-Pledge page to acknowledge the many people who are helping to turn our goal into a reality.


I had originally planned to run around Beaver Lake, but the sun was so bright and promising that I ran to the Hatchery instead, letting me absorb as much heat and light as possible.

Screen Shot 2013-11-09 at 1.34.55 PM

The GPS tracking software I am using produces maps, graphs and charts that — for this over the hill guy — are mind blowing in their detail and sheer beauty.


Today’s run was over 16 miles. We need to be in top condition for the Fund Run on December 14th. We plan to run over 100 laps that day for at least the distance of a marathon: 26.2 miles.


Thanks to everyone who pledged today and will pledge in the next month!

In return, we pledge to do everything we can to inform people about the numerous problems associated with genetically modified organisms and the biotechnology industry.

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