Joyous Cartwheels Thanks To You

Two of our perks in our Indiegogo fundraising campaign included Joyous Cartwheels and a Thank You video. We performed the cartwheels and shot the video in the high country outside of Flagstaff and now that we’re getting ready in enter New Mexico, I’ve FINALLY found the time and Internet speed to upload the video to YouTube.

Deep and sincere thanks to everyone who contributed to our Indiegogo campaign. $7,500 is a lot of money and we deeply appreciate everyone who contributed. The actual costs of our run, however, will top $40,000. If you support our run and our mission to promote a GMO Free USA, please donate.

Brett Seeds

If you’d like to host a speaking engagement, pot luck, book signing, please let us know. If you’d like to run a bit with us, let us know. We are also interviewing people regarding GMOs as we run across the country. If you’d like to be interviewed or line up an interview, let us know.

Kris Cartwheel

There is a lot going on right now regarding GMOs. Your contribution will help us help you get the truth out regarding GMOs. We’re running for sustainable agriculture, healthy food, and we’re running for you! We love all the support and love we’re feeling everyday, both on the road and on the Internet.

David Cartwheel

Thanks again!!!

Olivia Cartwheel

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3 Responses to Joyous Cartwheels Thanks To You

  1. Phyllis Bala says:

    Thanks for letting us see you on the road. Looks like you’re having fun. Love to you all.
    ~Auntie Phyllis on behalf of Aaron Ashby.

  2. Mark says:

    Great cause. Was involved in California to get labels put on gmo foods. We got it on the ballot thinking it would surely pass. The other side put more info out thru the media and consequently it did not pass. Just spread, that it is worth the extra money, to get some foods 100% organic. If one studies it out, they may conclude that getting 100% organic is a low cost health insurance.

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