Hello World I’m David

I’m David. I live in Sitka, Alaska, with my family.

I love to run and I love to eat. I have a dream that I will run across America. While I’m doing this I will do my best to eat NON-GMO vegetarian foods. When I’m not running, my family and I are going to talk to people about GMO’s. Hopefully doing this will help the U.S.A. wake up to the horrors that are happening in our food.

I'm on the right with two of my friends. We're at Whale Park.

I’m on the right with two of my friends. We’re at Whale Park.

I also will have to start putting on a few more weekly miles not including already doing the paper route and other weekly runs. I’m really excited to run the country. I know that doing this will turn the tides in the war we are fighting against GMOs.

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