GMO Free Highlights From Highland, Illinois

We enjoyed a full day of support and love from the good people of Highland, Illinois!


Before we even hit the road, the director of the Korte Recreation Center, Mark, had contacted Curt from the Highland News Leader newspaper.


We shared our story with Curt in front of the Rec Center under a hot sun and muggy conditions. Curt is the lucky man that Kris is apparently goosing in the photo. 😉


Later when running, the three different rainstorms that dumped on us were most refreshing. (Our Garmin watch died in the second storm, but later revived and with the use of Google Maps, I was able to calculate the complete distance on today’s run).

Unfortunately, David continues to be in pain. I called Kris and asked her to find a chiropractor. By 4:15 pm, we were sitting in Dr. David Thayer‘s office filling out paperwork.


Dr. Thayer said that David’s back and pelvis were misaligned. Treatment? Dr. Thayer and his colleague then gave David an adjustment, electro stimulation massage, ultrasound, and a “buffer” massage.


While talking, Dr. Thayer learned of our GMO Free USA mission. He said, “We’ll donate to that.” He left with a copy of my book and we left with a very generous donation! We’re going to follow up with another appointment with Dr. Thayer on Monday morning.


After that, we went to the Highland Nutrition Health Food store.


Among other things, we finally found organic bread. It’s so frustrating that in the heart of America’s bread basket, many people have no access to GMO free/Glyphosate free/Monsanto free bread! Kris asked if the store would be interested in carrying my book.


Vickie, the book buyer, bought two copies, paying much more than the standard amount. She also gave us a discount on our purchase.

Later, when I entered the Rec Center to sit in the hot tub (I was chilled after being in wet clothes in two air conditioned buildings), Carol at the front desk gave me a note from Mark stating that another newspaper reporter, Bill Napper, from The Pioneer Newspaper, wanted to interview us.


I called him and we talked together in front of the Rec Center later in the evening. He was very personable, sharing stories from his own life about his religious beliefs and convictions, including the belief that God would definitely be opposed to GMOs.

Please keep David in your thoughts and prayers. He wants to finish this run and we all want him to finish strong!

Brett Wilcox is the author of We’re Monsanto: Feeding the World, Lie After Lie. Brett and his 15-year old son, David, are currently running from coast to America coast promoting a GMO-Free USA. Brett and David blog at Brett wrote this blog in the middle of night in Highland, Illinois. Support their run and mission at

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5 Responses to GMO Free Highlights From Highland, Illinois

  1. David Warady says:

    Hang in there David. Just part of the process. Everyone gets injured crossing the country, running even more so. Crossing the US by foot is very much a test of survival. Ask anyone who has completed the arduous effort. Each one of us has our own, and unique, multitude of injury stories.

  2. Kathy McFarland says:

    Glad to see you are still making progress, even though David’s pain has slowed you down somewhat. We are pleased to have played host to you for a weekend. Good luck completing your mission.

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