Cross-Country Season 2013


I haven’t been keeping up with my blogs, but that doesn’t mean I am any less excited for this amazing thing we are going to be doing. First of all I would like to talk about this year’s Cross Country season.


Throughout the course of the season I improved a lot and did really well, but I can’t say I did it all on my own. During my whole stay in Utah this summer my Uncle Rob and his cross-country team let me train with them.


They didn’t only let me go to their practices, they let me go to their High Altitude Running Camp. All of their hospitality and willingness to help me with what I wanted to do was really nice.


I would especially like to thank my Aunt Stacy for making vegetarian versions of what we were eating at the camp. All of that would probably be considered pre-season.


During this year season my team and coaches pushed me enough to improve over a minute during the season. After all of that I managed to get first in regions and 15th at state.


My team also did really well, we won regions, and got 5th at state. I would like to thank all of you that made this season such a success for my team, as well as me.


It feels so weird but now cross country is over I suddenly have a lot of time to do more distance training for my trans-continental run.


Even now every once in a while I get excited about how soon this is going to be.


Sometimes I do get nervous about how long we will take or if I will get hurt, but with how I am training now I feel like I am going to be fine.


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  1. RD says:

    We’re behind you 100%, and that’s not just because you’re so much faster than that rest of us! Good luck David! Know we’re rooting for you here in Idaho!

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