Call For Seeds

An epic run deserves an epic symbol.

We have chosen heirloom, organic seeds as the symbol of our Run.

If you are a Seed Keeper, we invite you to share a few of your seeds with us.

If you wish to send more than one variety or species, please keep the different varieties separate. Please send no more than 8 or 10 large seeds or a small package of small seeds.

Please include:
1. Name of seed or plant
2. Photo of mature plant or fruit, etc.
3. Photo of the Seed Keeper
4. Tell us how you use this plant, why it is important, history, etc.

We will use these seeds in presentations and with the media as we’re Running The Country.

Please send to:

Brett Wilcox
2105 Sawmill Creek
Sitka, AK

For further information, email:
brett (at) runningthecountry (dot) com

Organic blessings to you!

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