And We’re Off

Getting together and speaking in front of an unorganized crowd that I did not know was a new experience for me. It was also pretty amazing that we were even able to make it. The first thing was that we were going to set out in our car on Thursday so we could have a bit more time to rest, but I got sick and later infected my sister so we had to stay in Utah a whole day.


The day to rest and sleep felt really good and it was very needed but because of it my whole family ended up struggling to get sleep. Then when we finally made it to Huntington Beach Pier exhausted hungry and thirsty. So after our speeches and farewells we were off, fueled just by adrenaline. It only took 7 or 8 miles to realize that it is almost impossible to run with only a few pieces of bread as fuel.

After the first run I felt like I could finally rest, but I was so wrong. After the run my family struggled to get to a hydroponic farm, then squeezed in a presentation with Howard Vlieger all with little food or rest. Getting home for a whole day of rest was one of the best feeling things that ever happened to us.

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