We’re Monsanto is Free Oct 8-12. Download it now!

We’re Monsanto: Feeding the World, Lie After Lie is free October 8-12.


“Compelling! We’re Monsanto exposes Monsanto’s true colors. A must-read for anybody who thinks Monsanto is actually saving the world. Bravo!”
— Stephanie Seneff, Ph.D.
Senior Research Scientist at the MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. Coauthor of Glyphosate’s Suppression of Cytochrome P450 Enzymes and Amino Acid Biosynthesis by the Gut Microbiome: Pathways to Modern Diseases

We’re Monsanto tells the truth about 50 of Monsanto’s favorite lies.


Monsanto says:
* Biotechnology/GMOs are needed to feed a hungry world.
* Monsanto improves the environment.
* GMO cotton improves Indian farmers’ lives.
* Monsanto promotes honeybee health.
* The world has largely embraced GMOs.
* Agent Orange does not cause serious health effects.

Lies! Lies! Lies!

We’re Monsanto celebrates the first March Against Monsanto with march photos from around the world.


“Activists who are trying to expose Monsanto all know the corporation has done a lot of evil, wicked, despicable stuff. We all know Monsanto’s pattern of lies has repeated every time the harms of one of Monsanto’s products like DDT, PCB’s, Agent Orange, RoundUp, and GMO’s begin to be exposed. We’ve witnessed it again and again over the course of decades. Hundreds of sources have reported and controverted Monsanto’s lies. This book documents it all in a concise, referenced format that activists can readily access in their efforts to educate community groups and the general public about the evil that is Monsanto. I consider this book the March Against Monsanto Bible. Anyone who is interested in talking with family members, co-workers, neighbors or fellow students about the deathly harm of Monsanto products to people, pets, and the environment will find this book very useful. It will be invaluable for me and the hundreds of thousands of other activists who want to stop Monsanto before Monsanto stops Mankind. Thank you for this essential reference. I have ordered the paperback version to carry with me at marches and add to my community outreach tables at Monsanto sponsored community events where they seek to whitewash the crimes they are committing against humanity.”
— Catherine Myers, Activist, USA

Whether you “buy” We’re Monsanto for yourself or you “buy” it for a loved one, download it now! It’s free!

Why am I giving it away free? I want every person on the planet to know the truth about Monsanto. I want everyone to wake up to Monsanto’s lies. I want everyone to March Against Monsanto on Saturday, October 12, 2013.

Monsanto’s worst enemy is an informed public. Get informed!

Download We’re Monsanto now! Read it, enjoy it, review it, and loan it to your friends and family!

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P.S. No Kindle? No problem. Download Amazon’s Free Reading App for your smart phone, computer, or tablet.

P.P.S. You can also buy the paperback version at http://www.amazon.com/dp/1492312916/.

What comes after P.P.S.? If you would like your March Against Monsanto photos included in Book 2, join the Facebook group March Against Monsanto Photos.


Several people in distant locations stated they were unable to download We’re Monsanto from Amazon. For a limited time only, I will email the PDF version of We’re Monsanto to people who are unable to download it provided they commit to write a review on Amazon.

If you are unable to download the book and promise to review it within one week, then request a copy in the comment section below and I will email it to you.

My teen-aged son, David, and I will run across the USA in 2014 promoting sustainable agriculture, GMO food labeling, and seed freedom. If you request a PDF copy of We’re Monsanto, I will add your email address to our Running The Country blog to keep you updated on our transcontinental run. And even if you don’t request a PDF copy, subscribe to our blog! You’ll enjoy the updates and we will appreciate your support.


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68 Responses to We’re Monsanto is Free Oct 8-12. Download it now!

  1. John S. says:

    Thank you for your generosity in providing this book for free. Free is good because it will spread the word about Monsanto and their greedy, evil business practices a lot faster and more effectively.

  2. Devin says:

    Amazon tells me “Due to copyright restrictions, the Kindle title you’re trying to purchase is not available in your country: United States.”

    Any suggestions?

  3. Priscilla Gagnon (@PriscaKuw) says:

    Would you mind send it to me in PDF format as well? I’m currently in Kuwait and am unable to download it. Thanks.

  4. tom garner says:

    My review:

    Good reading so far. Informative. Useful information, packed with well researched data and images, but still an easy read. Looking forward to getting back to it later today.

    My review:

    Good reading so far. Informative. Useful information, packed with well researched data and images, but still an easy read. Looking forward to getting back to it later today.

    Thanks Brett Wilcox for sharing this link around some sites, that’s how i heard about it. As of now, i’m only about 1/3 of the way through the book and have started with review notes, which is what i’ve shared here and few MAM pages as well. Once i’m done, i’ll have a better thought out review written and i’ll share that at Amazon and other places as well.

    I did download the Kindle version from Amazon, but if it’s not too much trouble, i’d like a .pdf version too..

    Thanks for the work that you’ve obviously put into this and making this information available to us. – Peace, tom garner

  5. Susan says:

    Please send me a pdf also, I don’t have a kindle

  6. bhawanesh kumar deora says:

    Great, very Informative.
    Million Thanks.

  7. Lori N. says:

    Hi, may I please get a PDF computer emailed? I don’t have a kindle… Can’t wait to read it, thanks!

  8. Kristy Price says:

    I would appreciate it if you could email me a pdf version too please I tried to download it from Amazon but they tell me I downloaded it yesterday which I did not so I am not sure what is happening only that I would like to read the book.

    Thank you for getting it out there, I just wish people were less apathetic I don’t understand how they can think it will all be OK if each and every one of us think the same way the big corporations and government buddies will do any thing to make a profit

    thanks again Kristy

  9. JC says:

    I would greatly appreciate a PDF version by email……I’m Marching AGAINST Monsanto TODAY!…..Thank you so much for your generous offer.

  10. Kim says:

    I hate to bother you, but was wondering if you could also send the PDF version to me? I’m unable to download from Amazon. Thank you so much – I’m excited to read it!

  11. Lynn says:

    March day! I would love a pdf copy as well, please. I’ll definitely review it asap! Thanks so much for this offer!

  12. Faith Glenn says:

    I too am having problems with amazon, I would love to read this! I would appreciate it if you would send me a PDF. Nice day for a march!

  13. David York says:

    Brett cannot get the kindle from amazon to open, Could you please send me a PDF also, Thanks Dave

  14. Traci Jordan says:

    I would love to read your book, but I can not get it to download. I am doing a research paper on how dangerous Monsanto is and would love to reference your book. PDF version would be greatly appreciated and a review will gladly follow. Thanks!

  15. Rick says:

    Please send the PDF version to me also. Thank you.

  16. Burl Hosier says:

    can u please send me a pdf format also…

  17. shane griffo says:

    Brett i would love to have a pdf too if that isn’t too much trouble and i’m happy to review on amazon, thankyou!

  18. djmasturbeat says:

    hi there,
    if it isn’t too much trouble, I would also prefer a pdf version. I don’t have an ereader and don’t like the Kindle browser reader at all. I downloaded the kindle file, but it is really cumbersome compared to using fxit reader. =)

    thanks, by the way, for this expose. I anticipate reading it.

  19. Lukasz Wojtanowski says:

    Any chance of getting PDF version on my email? Thanks!

  20. Moram says:

    Could you feed one more inbox, please? Thanks!

  21. Bob Jones says:

    Brett I would also appreciate a pdf file of your book. I am preparing photos from the Guelph, Ontario March. I posted a few on your FB page already. Question do you give photo credits in your book?

    Have a good day.

  22. Joan says:

    Please send me the PDF version. I’ll read it, share it and review it on Amazon.
    Thank you for writing this book…;-}

  23. Mark Crane says:

    Hi Brett,

    I’m currently living in Qatar (seriously) and could use the .epub version if you have one.


    craniac at gmail dot communication

  24. D says:

    Could i get a PDF copy also please.
    Thank you!

  25. Zahid says:

    Could you please email pdf version? I will truly appreciate it.

  26. Russell says:

    Hi Brett,
    I wasn’t able to download your book on my tablet the other day, perhaps because I’m based in the UK?
    Would you be so good as to send me a PDF copy of it too?
    The least I can do is submit a review on the UK Amazon site once I’ve read it.

  27. annette masters says:

    I didnt see the free download till it had expired ! Could u please send me a pdf also ??. Thanks a million !

  28. Geoffrey says:

    I didnt see the free download till it had expired ! Could u please send me a pdf also ??. Thanks a million !

  29. Renee Gomez says:


    Catherine Myers recommended I get in touch with you. I’m a freelance photographer who covered the March Against Monsanto in Oxnard, CA. Let me know if you’re interested in utilizing any of the photos from that day.



    • Brett Wilcox says:

      Absolutely! Thanks for offering, Renee! Do you have them on-line? How can I see them? I’m asking people to send me full resolution images through wetransfer.com (or any other service you prefer). My email is brett (at) wilcoxworks (dot) com.

  30. Suzanne says:


    I just found this. If you would be so kind to send me the PDF, I would be happy to review it. I have an upcoming interview with the local NPR station and, if helpful, could mention it and also put it in the resource list that I will ask them to post after the interview.


  31. Greg Genge says:

    Please send me the PDF as well, I would love to read it. We have to stop this company!!
    Thx, Greg

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