Thank You, Flagstaff!


Running into Flagstaff felt like our first major running milestone. And Flagstaff has treated us well. Thanks to Helen Selander, we had a speaking engagement at the East Flagstaff Community Library Saturday morning.

The people of Arizona are doing great things for the GMO Free movement. They’re gathering signatures to put GMO labeling on the ballot this fall. (Carolyn Thompson explains the process in the opening minutes of my presentation.

Thanks to our new friend Debbie Noel who connected with us at the Williams Visitor Center, we enjoyed good food, a beautiful place to stay, and we are now friends with Robert, Zach, Gary, and Barb. We bought a few needed items including new shoes for both David and me. And now we’re back on the road.

Thank you, Flagstaff! Onward we go!



Library Building

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2 Responses to Thank You, Flagstaff!

  1. Erika says:

    That poster is legit! And what an elevation. Looks like it finally got cold.

    • Brett Wilcox says:

      Light snow on the ground this morning in Dilkon, AZ. I wonder how much snow they got in Flagstaff. Good thing we’ve already run through to lower elevations.

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