Sermon On The Road By Pastor and Triathlete Brent Cunningham

1 Brent and Brett

We’ve all enjoyed many moments when we’ve blessed others’ lives through acts of service, kind words, hugs, or simple smiles, and when others have done the same for us. And I would bet most of us would agree there are extraordinary people who do these things with such consistency they stand out as great among good people.

2 Herring Cove Fog

The pastor and triathlete Brent Cunningham is one such individual. I’ve run into or next to Brent here and there over the years, but it wasn’t until I experienced his energy at last year’s Sitka High School baccalaureate services that I got to experience him lighting up the Episcopal church and graduates’ lives with his life and message.

3 Herring Cove Fog 2

Recently, Brent and his wife, Karin, shared simple acts of kindness that lightened a heavy heart and lit up a nation yearning for light following the Boston Marathon bombings.

4 Bear Mountain Sun

And this morning Brent once again lit up my life when our paths crossed on our Sunday morning runs.

5 Muskeg Reflection

Not surprisingly, more and more people are seeking the light Brent so freely shares. He’s flying out of town this week to speak at the graduation ceremony of the school he graduated from a few years back. (Based on his cherubic cheeks, I’m guessing he graduated about seven years ago!)

6 Pine Cones

Brent gave me a sneak preview of his speech, which I count as an inspiring Sunday morning sermon. He gave me permission to share the essence of it with you.

7 Purple Flower 2

1) Dream dreams . . . And go for it
2) Notice people
3) Give something away of great value because people are of great value
4) Stay with people for the long haul!

8 Purple Flower

Of course, he fleshed out his four points by recounting his story of the events leading up to the selfless and spontaneous gifts he and Karin shared with Laura Wellington in Boston. And then he talked about the good things that have happened since that difficult day.

9 Skunk Cabbage 2

In the few minutes Brent and I shared this morning on the road, he lived true to these four points. His morning run is one of thousands of morning runs that have taken him from dream to dream. He noticed me. He gave away something of great value to me, and he stayed with me. I have full faith he’ll stay with me and countless other people who are blessed to enjoy Brent’s friendship.

10 Skunk Cabbage

Brent inspires me to dream dreams, notice people, give away things of great value because people are of great value, and stay with people for the long haul.

11 Bear Mountain Sun 2

Thank you, Brent! Thanks for the sermon on the road on our journey of life.

12 Beaver Lake Reflection

13 Crane at Blue Lake 2

14 Clarence Kramer

15 Dandy Lions

16 Moss

17 Devil's Club Waterfall

18 Devil's Club 3

19 Devil's Club 4

20 Fiddlehead Fern

21 Avalanche

22 Waterfall 2

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