Andy Wakefield The Truth About Cancer 2016

As is merited and customary when Andy Wakefield speaks, he got standing ovations both before and after he spoke at The Truth About Cancer conference. Following are a couple of quotes and the link to the full presentation. This talk, in my opinion, is one of the finest descriptions of the ongoing tragedy of the vaccine program.


“The government has ceded control to the corporations; the government has put the interest of the corporations over and above the people it has sworn and indeed elected to protect. It has been held to ransom by those corporations whose influence and stranglehold have really taken over the democracy. … [T]he pharmaceutical companies are the most dangerous and the most powerful of those corporations, in my opinion. They are amoral and their appetite is insatiable.”
— Andrew Wakefield


“I have seen a lot of tragedy, but I was not prepared for the sheer number of deaths that have occurred following vaccination. How frightened people truly are, how complicit health care providers are in this dreadful tragedy. How they will come up with any excuse, any excuse whatsoever, not to report the injury and to decline to acknowledge that it was due to a vaccine in the first place.”
— Andrew Wakefield

Brett Wilcox, Licensed Professional Counselor, author, JABBED: How the Vaccine Industry, Medical Establishment and Government Stick It to You and Your Family

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Deanna Spingola Interviews Brett Wilcox, author of Jabbed


Deanna Spingola with contacted me a few months before I published Jabbed: How the Vaccine Industry, Medical Establishment and Government Stick It to You and Your Family.

On October 8, 2016, things had settled down enough that we finally got together for an online interview.

Click on the video below to listen to the interview.

You can also listen to the audio version of the interview at

Following are some of the topics we covered:

What do you mean when you refer to Vaccinology as a religion or church?

You describe people as vaccine believers, vaccine informed, and vaccine sociopaths. What those terms mean?

What is the vaccine paradigm?

What role do medical professionals play in the vaccine paradigm?

You wrote a letter to LDS church leaders regarding vaccines? What did the letter say? What was your motivation in writing it? Did the church respond?

The media often describes “anti-vaxxers” as anti-science. In your opinion, are “anti-vaxxers” also anti-science?

What are your thoughts on herd immunity?

Didn’t we eradicate polio and smallpox with vaccines?

Thanks, Deanna, for the interview as well the for the endorsement you provided for Jabbed!

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