Mike Pompeo, You’re Not In Kansas Anymore

When David and I talked about running across the United States, we didn’t imagine that we’d end up in the Land of Oz running the Yellow Brick Road. But that’s exactly what happened. Shortly after running into Kansas from Oklahoma, we entered the city of Liberal. Wizard of Oz aficionados know that Liberal is home to various buildings and displays dedicated to preserving the magic of the Wizard of Oz. We normally don’t stop until we’ve got our 20 miles run for the day, but not stopping to see Dorothy’s home and other memorabilia seemed more wicked than the Wicked Witch of the West.


And stop we did. We soon found ourselves in a guided tour providing all sorts of backstory to one of the most famous movies of all times.


Perhaps it’s not a coincidence that we were still in Liberal when we learned that Oz’s Wicked Witch of the West has a twin brother with strong Kansas roots. He goes by the name of Mike Pompeo. And of the two twins, even Oz’s flying monkeys would agree that Mike is the more wicked.

(The video above was recorded at our GMO Free discussion in Liberal.)

Mike is a politician (R-Kansas). Being a politician doesn’t necessarily make a person wicked, but people like Mike make it hard to believe otherwise. You see, in 2010 Mike opened his pockets to more money from the infamous Koch brothers than any other politician. With pockets bursting with Koch money, it’s no secret who Representative Pompeo represents.


But wait, there’s more. Mike recently sponsored a piece of legislation that was reportedly written by the Grocery Manufacturers Association. The GMA is the organization that illegally funneled money into Washington State last fall to fund a disinformation campaign to help defeat the peoples’ right to label GMOs.


Mike and the GMA are calling the bill the “Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act of 2014.”
Euphemistic title aside, this bill is designed to legally hide unsafe GMO frankenfoods in our food products.


Those who see the truth behind Mike’s act have named it for what it is: The DARK Act (Denying Americans the Right-to-Know Act). The DARK Act is the latest ploy of the Junk Food and Junk Gene Industries to keep GMOs hidden in your food unlabeled. But the GMA’s DARK Act goes beyond hiding dangerous GMOs in your foods. The GMA actually states that GMOs are natural and should be labeled as such.


Natural? Roundup resistant bacteria in our food is natural? Herbicide saturated foods are natural? Corn that makes bugs’ stomachs explode is natural? The DARK Act would also make it illegal for states to mandate the labeling of GMOs and it will forbid the FDA from requiring labeling (Sadly unnecessary because the FDA has made it more than clear that it’s not about to label GMOs). (http://www.organicconsumers.org/bytes/ob420.html)


We all remember the famous words, “You’re not in Kansas anymore.” The same could be said of Mike. In a call promoting his bill, Mike said that the “scientific community has spoken with one voice.” He went on to say: “There is not a single example of anyone getting sick after eating food made with GMOs.” (http://www.organicconsumers.org/bytes/ob420.html)


Mike picked up those lies in the land of the GMA and the land of the GMO Industry. You probably know that the lands of the GMA, GMO, and Koch share borders and bedrooms with a good share of the power hungry people squatting in Washington D.C. Kansans might say that the whole bunch of them are as horny as a pack of kissing cousins in a barnyard hayloft. So it’s no surprise when grinning politicians like Mike shoot off the same lies as his lying bedmates.


The fact is that there is no consensus among the scientific community regarding the safety of GMOs. A good many scientists urge caution and others come right out and say that GMOs are a death sentence or a potential death sentence to life as we know it on planet Earth. (See the following videos)

So what can you and I do to stop the likes of Representative Mike Pompeo? At the very least, take just a moment and click on the following petitions. Tell your elected officials, tell the FDA, and tell Michelle Obama it’s time to leave the land of the GMA and the GMO Industry. It’s time for our once-upon-a-time representative government to once again represent the people.

NEW! TAKE ACTION: Tell Your Representative: Don’t Support Big Food’s Bill to Kill GMO Labeling Laws!

TAKE ACTION: Tell the FDA: No Watered-Down, Voluntary Federal GMO Labeling Rules!

TAKE ACTION: Tell Michelle Obama: Consumers Want Labels on Genetically Modified Foods!

Brett Wilcox is the author of We’re Monsanto: Feeding the World, Lie After Lie. Brett and his 15-year old son, David, are currently running from coast to America coast promoting a GMO-Free USA. Brett and David blog at RunningTheCountry.com. Brett wrote this blog in the beautiful and historic Kingman Carnegie Library in Kingman, Kansas. Support their run and mission at RunningTheCountry.com/donate.

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