Jabbed: How the Vaccine Industry, Medical Establishment and Government Stick It to You and Your Family


Announcing the publication of:
Jabbed: How the Vaccine Industry, Medical Establishment and Government Stick It to You and Your Family.

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The vaccine industry, medical establishment and government have convinced millions of people that vaccines are one of the greatest medical advancements in history. Consequently, believers believe in the salvational value of vaccines in much the same way that people of faith believe in the salvational value of religious sacraments. Germs are bad and vaccines are good. Period. Questioning the dominant paradigm results in shaming, scapegoating, and in some cases tainted reputations, lost careers or worse. Such an environment is not the domain of science; rather it’s the breeding ground of tyranny and fascism. Corporate and personal profits from the burgeoning vaccine pie depend upon the larger-than-life, myth-based vaccine paradigm. Sociopaths inject this paradigm into medical journals, medical curricula, congressional hearings, regulatory policies, White House statements, executive orders, and finally into the minds of vaccine believers. Million dollar sociopathic propaganda campaigns ensure that vaccine believers unleash their wrath against the vaccine informed, effectively keeping The Herd immune to the truth and ready and willing to roll up their sleeves to any and all vaccines currently on the schedule and to those yet to come down the vaccine pipeline. In spite of and in part because of the propaganda, the number of vaccine informed individuals is increasing. The day is soon coming when consumer distrust of vaccine sociopaths will gut the vaccine industry. Don’t expect the sociopaths to roll over, play dead, and sacrifice their multi-billion dollar generating machine, however. Human bodies are, after all, their ATMs. The waves of coercive and mandatory vaccination laws that are rolling out across the USA and beyond demonstrate that if sociopaths are denied voluntary access to our bodies, they will take them by force. The force of law. A vaccine informed public is the only thing that will have the power to stop them and to hold them accountable for their crimes. Jabbed exposes the vaccine paradigm, provides an accurate accounting of the sordid history of vaccinations, details conflicts of interest, warns against the unethical policies and practices of the American Academy of Pediatrics, shines light on the complicity of medical professionals, highlights the story of William Thompson, the CDC whistleblower, and celebrates the powerful role the documentary film Vaxxed is playing in exposing government fraud and awakening the public. In short, Jabbed informs and immunizes against three of the most dangerous epidemics in history: tyranny, greed, and corruption.



Chapter 1. Pharma, Medicine, Government and the Religion of Vaccinology

Chapter 2. The Vaccine Paradigm: Invisible and Omnipresent

Chapter 3. Banking on Fear

Chapter 4. Vaccines are Safe and Effective and Other Lies

Chapter 5. Safe and Effective: Not What You Think it Means

Chapter 6. Smallpox Vaccine: Legend and Lies

Chapter 7. Polio Vaccine: More Lore, More Lies

Chapter 8. Vaccine Safety: Yesterday and Today

Chapter 9. Herd Immunity: Artifact, Contrivance and Control

Chapter 10. American Academy of Pediatrics: Parental Discretion Advised

Chapter 11. Conflicts of Interest in Every Jab

Chapter 12. Vaccines Cause Autism: The Words That Must Not Be Spoken

Chapter 13. Dr. Andrew Wakefield: The Vaccine Industry’s Worst Nightmare

Chapter 14. Crisis and Damage Control

Chapter 15. Simpsonwood and Other Bull

Chapter 16. Vaccines Do Not Cause Autism: The Greatest Fraud in the History of Medical Science

Chapter 17. Flu Jabs, Preterm Jabs and Other Atrocities

Chapter 18. HPV Vaccine: One More Con Job

Chapter 19. Racism and The Vaccine Program: It’s a Black and White Issue

Chapter 20. Indoctrinating the Herd

Chapter 21. Indoctrinating Doctors

Chapter 22. Gods, Pawns and Perpetrators

Chapter 23. Thou Shalt Have No Other God Before the Gods of Vaccinology

Chapter 24. Sticking It to Your Future

Chapter 25. William Thompson, Vaxxed and the Great Awakening

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What do Andy Wakefield, Stephanie Seneff, Shiv Chopra and numerous other people say about Jabbed?


“Two of my children—intelligent and caring individuals—have decided against careers in Medicine. They have done so because they would be required to risk multiple and repeated vaccinations, just to get through medical school. How many more of Brett Wilcox’s ‘vaccine informed’ have made or will make this same choice? All those, I suggest, that in a similar position to my children, read Wilcox’s direct, informed, cut-to-the-chase narrative. A new documentary jumps out of every chapter.”
—Andrew Wakefield, MB, BS
Director, Vaxxed: From Cover-up to Catastrophe

“Brett Wilcox has done it again, this time taking on Big Pharma and the global vaccination program. This book is a must read especially if you still think vaccines are provably safe and effective! Toxic ingredients in vaccines work synergistically with glyphosate in food to damage children.”
—Stephanie Seneff, Ph.D., Senior Research Scientist at the
MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory

“A brilliant book on the sordid history of infectious disease and vaccines. It confirms my own conclusions on this subject, in that no vaccine prevents any infectious disease and that every vaccine poses serious dangers to public health. A must read for all ages.”
—Shiv Chopra, DVM, Ph.D., Former Senior Scientific Advisor on Vaccinations for Health Canada, Author, CORRUPT TO THE CORE: Memoirs of a Health Canada Whistleblower, ShivChopra.com

“I used to be a vaccine believer, but now consider myself vaccine informed. Jabbed is a valuable resource for those seeking to expand their knowledge about vaccines and break free of the deception of the profit driven pharmaceutical industry. Brett’s passionate exposé empowers you to make decisions for yourself and your family from a place of truth rather than fear. I see it as required reading for parents and health care professionals willing to have their eyes opened.”
—Kathryn Azelia Hale, MD, MPH, FACOG, Holistic OB/GYN

“In 2000, my 12-month old son was permanently vaccine injured by a lethal cocktail of vaccines. Reading Brett Wilcox’s well-written summarization of the vaccine program in the United States, reminded me of why I have chosen to live out the rest of my life as an advocate for informed consent and an activist for truth. Jabbed is a factual account of the indoctrinated fallacy that has created a sense of fear in societies all over the world, and is a MUST READ for everyone no matter where you live on the planet.”
—Sheila Lewis Ealey M. Ed., Featured in the documentary
Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe

“Brett Wilcox does an excellent job of revealing widespread dishonesty and corruption within the vaccine industry. Although peer-reviewed studies confirm numerous vaccine safety hazards, the pharmaceutical syndicate, FDA, CDC, World Health Organization, American Medical Association, American Academy of Pediatrics, and numerous other like-minded groups implement various ploys, scams, lies, and deception to hoodwink the public into believing that all vaccines are safe and effective. Parents and other concerned individuals must do their own research on this controversial issue or they may regret health consequences that could result from vaccine-related damage, including neurological and immunological disorders. I recommend this book to everyone wanting to learn about the unmitigated modern history of vaccine fraud, and to the beleaguered masses needing to disengage from a sacrosanct-like belief in the allopathic model of preventive medicine.”
—Neil Z. Miller, medical research journalist and author of Miller’s Review of Critical Vaccine Studies and Vaccine Safety Manual for Concerned Families and Health Practitioners

“Jabbed exposes extensive problems in the vaccine industry including conflicts of interests, corruption, the use of hyped up fear campaigns, false historical narratives, and dangerous vaccine ingredients. Read it and you’ll never look at vaccines the same way again!”
—Dr. Nancy Tarlow, Chiropractor, podcast and webinar host of Healthy Alternatives to Vaccinations, and owner of mBody Health and Wellness

“Cognitive dissonance regarding the vaccine program dies hard in this thorough and factual book. From polio, to herd immunity, vaccine safety and autism, Jabbed covers it all. If you value informed consent and if you’re not afraid of the truth, then Jabbed is the book for you.”
—Michelle Rowton, MSN, RNC-NIC, C-NPT, NNP-BC, Neonatal Nurse Practitioner and founding board member of Nurses Against Mandatory Vaccines

“Jabbed should be required reading for every new parent…and every adult. It exposes the unfortunate reality behind the US vaccine system, which is clearly driven by profit, not public health.”
—Brandy Vaughan, Former Merck pharmaceutical rep & founder of the non-profit, parent-driven Council for Vaccine Safety, LearnTheRisk.org

“Jabbed is a comprehensive, well referenced book providing the necessary answers for those with serious questions about vaccine safety and efficacy. This is a must-read for parents and parents-to-be especially!”
—Robert Scott Bell, D.A. Hom.

“In 1994 my daughter Lorrin was grievously injured by her one and only DPT vaccine, which was referred to as a “hot” lot. This lot had reported injuries of seizures or worse to 30 other children and 10 surrounding deaths. The government immediately agreed that Lorrin was vaccine injured. Lorrin lived for 15 years as a quadriplegic, cortically blind and non-verbal; a young teen who was dependent on others for her every need. The same vaccine that was given to Lorrin was scattered throughout the US, this is just another way that our government protects the drug manufacturers, so no doctor will witness multiple injuries. I learned back in 1995 in my experience with The National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program that Lorrin’s life was of no importance. It has been 22 years since that devastating time and not much has changed. I encourage every single person to read this book and be part of the movement in taking our health freedom back. Thank you, Brett Wilcox for bringing together the disturbing facts of vaccine history. A must read for any person who considers jabbing a single vaccine into their body or the bodies of their precious children.”
—Karen Kain, author, A Unique Life Fully Lived: A Personal Journey of Love, Hope, and Courage, vaccine safety advocate for informed consent, mother of a vaccine injured child, KarenKain.com

“Despite the overwhelming scientific evidence that destroys ‘the world’s greatest scientific achievement,’ there remain the vaxtremists whose faith in vaccines is stronger than science. Wilcox effectively pokes holes in the Religion of Vaccinology where believers sacrifice Christian morality and God given freedom on the altar of Scientism. Jabbed provides fast-paced and well-researched insights into the hidden legacies of the vaccine program—insights that may leave readers righteously angry, prayerfully empowered and motivated to ‘Speak out on behalf of the voiceless and for the rights of all who are vulnerable.’” – Proverbs 31:8
—Lindey Hughes Magee, Co-Director, Mississippi Parents for Vaccine Rights, MS state-portal Co-Director, National Vaccine Information Center

“for thy merchants were the great men of the earth; for by thy sorceries were all nations deceived.” – Revelations 18:23
“Written in Greek originally, the word for ‘sorcery’ is ‘pharmakeia,’ from which our English word “pharmacy” is derived. A look back through history shows that governments and empires come to an end for a number of reasons. Sometimes those reasons are due to external forces, but more often than not, the decline can be traced to internal forces; unemployment, inflation, urban decay, decline in morals and values, excessive military spending, political corruption, or declining public health. We are at a crossroads for the future of America, where political corruption has resulted in the biggest medical fraud in history coupled with the failure of journalists to remain objective and independent from the advertising dollars they rely upon to exist, and the combination is destroying the public health of the country. Brett Wilcox explores and exposes connections between a government influenced and corrupted by the pharmaceutical industry, and the resulting decline in the health of our citizens brought about through a vaccine program that is neither safe nor effective. Anyone who cares about the principles of liberty and freedom that were the foundation of the experiment in self-government which has become the American experience, and has a desire to understand and eliminate the powers that infringe upon those principles, ought to read this book.”
—Bob Snee, J.D., Director, Oregonians for Medical Freedom

“Jabbed is a historic and scientific chronicle that exposes the vaccine obsession of corporate rulers. I urge you to read it and to be brave, vigilant, and informed.”
—Camille Hayes, BSN

“Jabbed tells a terrifying story of a government-vaccine industry partnership that kills, maims, and otherwise injures babies for money and of a medical system that callously turns a blind eye to the immense suffering vaccine injured children endure. Brett Wilcox uses brilliant analogies to describe the endless abuse families like mine experience at the hands of arrogant doctors who took an oath to “First do no harm.” As the parent of a “Gardasil Girl” I’ve spent countless hours in ER’s and in the offices of doctors pleading for medical intervention and accountability. Jabbed unexpectedly brought out intense emotions as it paints a painfully vivid picture of this world we now live in, a world where parents make life and death decisions for their children based on the lies of sociopaths. The same government that profits from its collusion with industry is now maneuvering to gain free access to our children by stripping from parents our God given right to choose what will and will not be injected into their bodies. Jabbed is the antidote to vaccine related government propaganda and is essential reading for anyone who has ever loved a child.”
—Alicia Davis Boone, Warrior mom fighting for my Gardasil injured daughter, advocate for vaccine injury awareness, informed consent, and medical freedom

“Brett Wilcox expertly challenges the marketing maneuvers of the greedy vaccine manufacturers, supported by individuals at government agencies such as the ‘vaccine sociopaths’ at the CDC, some of whom attended the invitation-only, criminal conference at Simpsonwood (2000) where 60 ‘vaccine industry insiders’ concocted schemes to conceal the horrific dangers of thimerosal-containing vaccines, among other noxious ingredients. Their tactics were corroborated by the Institute of Medicine, theoretically an independent organization but is composed of people from medical schools, the drug industry, former FDA officials, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, founder (2000) of GAVI, the Vaccine Alliance whose objective is to vaccinate children in third-world countries. The FDA (largely funded by big pharma) does NOT test any vaccine or drug; it merely collects fees for the overhyped FDA approval. Wilcox observes that people are becoming more informed which may have provoked the implementation of numerous mandatory vaccine programs for children as well as adults. He said, ‘[I]f sociopaths are denied voluntary access to our bodies, they will take them by force. The force of law.’ Instead of mandatory jabs, this book should be mandatory reading!”
—Deanna Spingola, author, The Ruling Elite Trilogy and Screening Sandy Hook, Causes and Consequences

“I came to the vaccine debate as a relative neophyte almost two years ago. Since then, I have spent many hours each week researching. Although I have gained a deep understanding of individual issues surrounding the debate, I have still felt I was missing some critical pieces of the overall picture. Brett Wilcox’s book provides a comprehensive timeline, complete with those elusive puzzle pieces. Reading Jabbed will give you, in a matter of hours, a working understanding of this issue and an ability to advocate with confidence and authority.”
—Kristen S. Chevrier, MA

“Jabbed is a beautifully thorough, accurately infuriating look at the vaccine industry. Brett Wilcox has done a masterful job of revealing with micro-scopic intensity the litany of insults, the trail of deception, the gall and guile of ‘those at the very top’, as Dr. Archie put it, the fruits of whose labor are the stings of unavoidable immunological and neurological damage of every imaginable degree, in now ongoing generations of kids, from the most intimate of environmental toxins: vaccines. A great read.”
—Shawn Siegel, grandfather, vaccine researcher, author and Internet host of The Vaccine Myth: An Issue of Trust


The paperback and Kindle editions of Jabbed are available on Amazon. Wholesale prices are available for bulk purchases.

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When our family embarked on a transcontinental adventure in 2014 during which my son, David, and I ran nearly 3,000 miles advancing the cause of a GMO Free USA and world, many people helped us in so many ways. Thanks to all those who continue to fight against the corporate control and ownership of life, agricultural systems, and food. Our jaunt was insignificant compared to the efforts so many continue to do on the GMO front.
Likewise, I am grateful for the growing number of people who risk so much opposing the Vaccine religion. Your strength, courage, and determination inspire me!
Thank you and organic blessings to you! The coming times will not be easy, so may our love for each other and our commitment to truth and justice see us through.

Brett Wilcox
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