Healthy People Pose Risk to Public Health

Imagine walking into a school or other public building and reading a sign that says, “As per city ordinance, healthy people are prohibited from entering these premises.” And imagine intelligent people actually supporting such a law.

That’s the situation in which we find ourselves in America today. Some people believe that children should be permanently banned from public schools based on vaccination status, not health status.

The citizens of Leicester, England learned in the 1800s that by quarantining sick people, the incidence of disease decreased. Now, more than a century later we’ve regressed so far that many people believe that healthy, unvaccinated children should be permanently quarantined from public school. Some believe they should be banned from all public places. Some people even believe that working in the health care field should be predicated upon a sworn allegiance to such lunacy.

I invite anyone to produce a study proving that quarantining healthy individuals protects the health of those who are not quarantined. The title of the study would be something like, “Healthy People Pose Risk to Public Health.”

Healthy People

One of the many problems with banning unvaccinated children from public schools is that it perpetuates the myth that unvaccinated children are dangerous and because they’re dangerous they deserve to lose their legal right to a free and public education. It further perpetuates the myth that vaccination and immunization are synonymous terms. They aren’t. Vaccination is the physical act of receiving a vaccine. Immunization is clinically defined as producing a measureable physical response from the vaccine that in theory immunizes one from a particular disease.

Vaccinations produce varying results including a temporary and inferior immunized state, a “non-responder” non-immunized state, spreading the disease to others through “shedding,” or contracting the disease or a mutated form of the disease for which the vaccine is meant to protect you. And even those who meet the clinical definition of immunization in highly vaccinated communities sometimes contract the disease anyway. Industry propaganda turns this particular vaccine failure into yet another opportunity to mandate vaccines.

If more than a decade or so has passed since your most recent “immunization,” you are likely no more immune to the diseases for which you were vaccinated than never vaccinated individuals. In the case of whooping cough, that figure is closer to three years. In the case of the influenza vaccine, it’s only one year. That means, of course, that except for the life-long or near life-long immunity that results from contracting some infectious diseases through natural means, the vast majority of the citizens of the USA are fully vaccinated but virtually unimmunized. Many of those people mistakenly believe they owe their good health to the vaccines they received in years gone by, not to their healthy diets and lifestyles. They have no idea that there is not a single ingredient in any vaccine that promotes health or strengthens the immune system.

Even though the public is largely unaware of these facts, government and industry are fully aware. Temporary and dysfunctional vaccine-produced immunity is a problem solved by cradle-to-grave vaccinations as proposed in the government’s recently released National Adult Immunization Plan.

In the 1960s, the government announced that the measles vaccine would eradicate measles within a few years. Now the government is telling us that our only protection against measles and an ever-growing list of other diseases is an endless series of vaccinations throughout our lives. And current vaccination legislation will make those vaccinations mandatory, regardless of health status, genetic vulnerabilities, and religious or personal exemptions. Thus we find ourselves facing twin epidemics: disease hysteria and vaccine injury.

“Stay home if you’re sick” would be a smarter approach to public health.

But even in the 1800s, savvy citizens recognized that vaccinations are not based on intelligence; but rather on “fraud, force, and folly.”

The fraud, force, and folly of yesteryear have multiplied into a virulent disease of global proportions. This disease fills politicians pockets with money and fills uncritical minds with lies and fear: even the fear of healthy children.

In our fear we’ve forgotten our history. Modern sanitation practices and improved nutrition had already greatly reduced both the incidence and the morbidity of infectious disease before vaccine propagandists entered the stage and claimed the credit.

If we’re going to ban anyone from public places, let’s ban the criminals responsible for filling our minds with lies and fears and filling our children’s bodies with an ever increasing number of toxic vaccines.

And let’s enforce that ban by throwing such criminals in prison.


1. Dissolving Illusions: Disease, Vaccines, and The Forgotten History, by Suzanne Humphries MD and Roman Bystrianyk

2. How Plumbing (Not Vaccines) Eradicated Disease

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  1. Sue says:

    THANK YOU. My thoughts exactly.

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