Good People and Pain in Ganado Arizona

Today’s run through Ganado, Arizona, started out with some creative wind shield scraping.


We climbed about 1000 feet and finished at about 7,300 feet elevation. We hitched back to town and as is often the case, hitching provides a good opportunity to talk to people about our run and mission.


Rita and her dad picked us up and drove us back to the church in Ganado where we parked our trailer. I gave Rita the short version regarding GMOs. Corn and corn pollen are sacred to Navajo people. GMO corn threatens to contaminate Native corn varieties. I gave her a copy of my book, We’re Monsanto: Feeding the World, Lie After Lie.


She thanked me several times saying she was so happy she picked us up, that she and her daughter would definitely be digging into the GMO topic and my book. We thanked Rita several times for the ride. She didn’t know it, but today was one of my hardest runs. Day three of pain on top of the bone that runs from the big toe to the top of the ankle. I cut away parts of my shoe to relieve the pressure on the part that hurts.


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2 Responses to Good People and Pain in Ganado Arizona

  1. stewart says:

    I pray that the Lord would touch you physically and spiritually as a family. Be safe and take care of your foot Brett. You only get two! Amazing progress and great pictures/videos to boot.
    Love, the Pooks

    • Brett Wilcox says:

      Stewart, Both the ongoing prayers and your generous donation mean much to us! Many organic blessings to you and your family! And may your journey continue to yield good fruit!

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