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  1. Hey there David, what an amazing spirit you are! I just heard about your efforts to run across the country- I myself am training for the Cross trail marathon coming up this summer here in Sitka. I also saw that you are dedicating your run to the anti-GMO movement. I was wondering if you heard about the FDA’s decision to support genetically engineered Atlantic salmon–what are your views on this? Please let me know. I look forward to following your stories as you get closer to the big departure date!

  2. Sam Jaffe says:

    Hey David and Brett,

    Just wanted to express how awesome of a thing you guys are doing. I’ve been promoting your journey on a Facebook page of mine, so hopefully that helps with a bit of your publicity. Anyways, just wanted to share a response of mine to people who claim David “isn’t ready” at this age:

    “I am 16, and began helping with GASAN when I was 15. I am also an avid runner, and have run ultramarathons of up to 50 miles. I can personally attest by examining David’s personal attributes and training that he has the maturity to handle this. He is by no means forced to continue on if he no longer wishes to, and just because it is a big challenge does not mean it is insurmountable. I admire his passion and determination.
    Sam Jaffe”

    Best of luck in your journey.


    • Brett Wilcox says:

      Thanks for the good word and vote of confidence, Sam!
      David is now the region champ cross country runner (at the age of 14) and he says he thinks he’s the fastest freshman in Alaska. He’s excited for the transcon run because it will make him that much faster. BTW, I would greatly appreciate a shout out to your readers. The Kindle version of my book, We’re Monsanto, Feeding the World, Lie After Lie will be free Oct 8-12. I would love to “sell” a ton of books this week. We’re Monsanto is a great book to learn more about Monsanto’s lies and to help other people who just don’t get it. It’s available on Amazon at
      Thanks again,

  3. J.R. Bentley says:

    It was nice to see you run by our place on your cross country trek. I hope the trains did not bother you too much during your overnight stay here in Essex. We fully support your message and efforts to raise awareness against the GMO agenda! Thank you and wishing you fair weather!

    • Brett Wilcox says:

      Thank you, J.R.!
      Very nice meeting you as well! We quite enjoyed the trains and commented to each other that you probably don’t even really hear the trains anymore. Thanks for your support!

  4. Jeff Budd says:

    9 Feb 14
    Dear Wilcox Family, Congratulations on your progess – inspiring, since David is a pie lover – you might consider changing your route to go Pie Town in New Mexico, a bit out of the way – but two awesome pie shops. Keep on keeping on. Aloha, Jeff B

  5. Joe says:

    Hi David and Brett, I’m and avid runner and recently become interested in the whole GMO debate and I’m in the process of educating myself. I live and work in Kansas and I’m a father of 3 kids and first learned about your journey on the Rich Roll Podcast. It would be great if when passing through Wichita I could join you for a run and good discussion…Best of luck and i appreciate your passion for this cause.

  6. Jeff Budd says:

    Dear Wilcox family. Enjoyed the Bruma Shave signs, and we passed thru that very place half dozen or so years ago. Keep on keeping on. Sitka report: 30 degrees, very sunny, still snow and some ice around, but still Sitka. Enjoy. Cheers, Jeff Budd

    • Brett Wilcox says:

      Hi Jeff,
      Thanks for the update. I hear tell that Flagstaff is the third most snowy city in the USA, but you wouldn’t know it by today’s bright blue skies and pleasantly warm temps. You’re welcome to join us anytime you’d like. We’d definitely put you to work! Take care of yourself.

  7. Becky Riding says:

    Rebecca Cook just told me about your website! She says you guys may be coming through Kansas City soon. Any chance you would stop and teach a workshop???
    My 9 year old started reading through your 14 Reasons to Boycott Kellogg’s and has decided he isn’t going to eat Kellogg’s anything anymore. Thanks for all you are doing to get the news out!

    • Brett Wilcox says:

      Good job to your son, Becky! We won’t make it to Kansas City but we’re giving a presentation in Greensburg, KS, on Tuesday, and a presentation in Wichita on April 22. Let me know if you want to attend and I’ll send you more information. Thanks for your support!

  8. Alvin Hook says:

    It was great having you and your family as our guests for Easter. I wish we had had more time together but I think there will be another time. Best wishes to you and David as you run across this great nation. I support your dedication and for the reason you are making this run. From now forward I will be following you and your family on your journey. When the next time comes that we meet again I will smoke a turkey for the occasion. Be safe, know that you are being protected by Heavenly Father, and your journey will produce results.

  9. Brian Stark says:

    Hello Brett, David and Family,

    Greetings from a fellow Transconner! I ran coast to coast in ’98 following the American Discovery Trail from Delaware to California. My run was 4,800 miles mostly on trails but I wasn’t 15 at the time either. Great job you two and super kudos to your support crew family. Sounds like a supreme family achievement. Keep making the miles and having a wonderful experience. Just this morning I also learned of a 90 year old man also running cross country. He’s headed east as well but currently in Arizona. I love that in the same day, we can hear about one of the youngest and one of the oldest doing something that most would think is impossible!

    Brian Stark

    • Brett Wilcox says:

      Brian, Next time??? I’d like to run the Discovery Trail. I’ve had more than enough of the roads. Yes, the 90 year old man is truly an inspiration! And yes, we wanted to make this a family experience. Intense! Thanks for commenting!

  10. Andre du Plessis says:

    fyi Brett
    Hi Dr Sefanyetso and Merck Colleges alike

    The safety of Vaccine science remains controversial if one reads the Jama report and its conclusions below

    The latest interview by the ‘fraud’ Dr Wakefield has also lifted many an eyebrow, now asking that his side be heard as Court battles are on the horizon and his college and Co author and scientist on the 1998 Lancet Article on MMR/vs Autism, Dr Smith already reinstated. Why must an innocent whistle blower (Dr Wakefield) take all the brunt for making an observation that made Pharmacetical Co’s feel uneasy ?

    I am also still awaiting your scientific report that proves that the benefits of Gardasil outweighs the risks, as requested before

    Could there be a link between the suspected Biotech bubble burst and vaccine safety concerns ?
    Why are Biotechs speeding up research at an unprecedented pace for FDA approval ? Is it because their shareholders are demanding higher dividends and safety concerns are thrown out the window ? See latest Jama article indicating 58% research papers submitted to the FDA are fraudulent

    Kind rgds

    Andre du Plessis


    Andre du Plessis
    Cape Town South Africa

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