Come On, Let’s Celebrate!

We’re still a week and a half away from starting our transcontinental run at Huntington Beach, but I consider today, January 8th, 2014, a transformative day. When our clock chimed in the new day at midnight, I had already been up nearly 24 hours. 24 hours of packing, cleaning, organizing and de-cluttering. I realize now that those physical activities symbolize the packing, cleaning, organizing and de-cluttering I am nurturing within in my heart, mind and soul. And as I sweep away doubt, fear and negativity, I am left with the nearly forgotten taste of freedom. I remember that taste from long ago when, as a child, I played and breathed in the scent of Dad’s clean garden dirt.


Researchers have finally figured out what we all knew as children: sitting at desks all day is a pain in the butt. Our bodies are designed to run, play and explore, to climb mountains, to bear loads, to carry us far and to serve others. Play, purpose-honoring work and service produce love, joy, satisfaction and fun.

David and Olivia pulled Kris and me away from our packing just after midnight. “Come on, you guys,” they said. “Let’s go light fireworks.” Yes! let’s go celebrate! Today we step—no, we run forward—as a family. Prior to lighting the fireworks, we met at our fire pit where I struck the match that ignited years of ancient IRS baloney. Yes! Another celebration! While the time-peace-and-space-sucking torture devices burned, we moved to the driveway and set off several fireworks, including a final one that included blasts of sound, color, light and speed.

And thus begins our journey—our celebration. We can’t predict the full impact our run might have, but this we know: today, in this moment, we have grabbed life and are living it.

We are buoyed up and carried with the love and support we’ve received from long-time friends and new friends alike. Thank you! We run for you and your families just as much as we run for our own.

Come on, let’s celebrate!

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2 Responses to Come On, Let’s Celebrate!

  1. Jayne says:

    Yay! That’s awesome… Brought a lil tear to my eye. You guys rock!
    Be safe and have a BLAST!!!
    ~God Bless

  2. Brett Wilcox says:

    Thanks, Jayne! A blast indeed!

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