Miller’s Review of Critical Vaccine Studies, a Valuable Resource

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Vaccines are safe and effective, right?

Not according to the CDC’s own studies and not according to hundreds of other studies conducted around the world.

Miller’s Review of Critical Vaccine Studies summarizes the findings of 400 vaccine-related scientific papers. Considered one by one, the findings are disturbing. For example:

“Thimerosal-containing vaccines continue to be administered on a regular basis to potentially the most vulnerable populations: pregnant women and children (especially in developing countries). Given this, we believe it is high time to reassess the rationale for using thimerosal, a known immune and neurotoxic substance, in human vaccines.”
(Tomljenovic Ll, Dorea JG, et al. Commentary: a link between mercury exposure, autism spectrum disorder, and other neurodevelopmental disorders: Implications for thimerosal-containing vaccines. Journal on Developmental Disabilities 2012; 18(1):34-42.)

“Evidence has now emerged showing that autism may in part result from early-life immune insults induced by environmental xenobiotics. One of the most common xenobiotic with immune-stimulating as well as neurotoxic properties to which infants under two years of age are routinely exposed worldwide is the aluminum vaccine adjuvant.”
(Shaw CA, Sheth S, et al. Etiology of autism spectrum disorders: genes, environment, or both? OA Autism 2014 Jun 10; 2(2): 11.)

“The yearly U.S. mass influenza vaccination campaign has been ineffective in preventing influenza in vaccine recipients. Vaccine recipients need to be informed of the limitations and risks of the vaccine and of the alternatives to vaccination. In particular, they need to know of the possibility that repeated vaccinations may increase the risk of adverse effects.”
(Geier DA, King PG, et al. Influenza vaccine: review of effectiveness of the U.S. immunization program, and policy considerations. Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons 2006 Fall; 11(3): 69-74.)

“Under universal varicella vaccination, there has been a vaccine-induced decline in exogenous boosting. We estimate universal varicella vaccination has the impact of an additional 14.6 million herpes-zoster cases among adults aged under 50 years during a 50-year time span at a substantial cost burden of 4.1 billion U.S. dollars or 80 million U.S. dollars annually.”
(Goldman GS. Cost-benefit analysis of universal varicella vaccination in the U.S. taking into account the closely related herpes-zoster epidemiology. Vaccine 2005 May 9; 23(25): 3349-55.)

Most disturbing are the numerous studies cited in Miller’s book that expose the truth about pro-vaccine “science.” Following are a few examples:

“Vaccine manufacturers have financial motives and public health officials have bureaucratic reasons that might lead them to sponsor research that concludes vaccines are safe.”
(DeLong G. Conflicts of interest in vaccine safety research. Account Res 2012; 19(2): 65-88.)

“For most study designs and settings, it is more likely for a research claim to be false than true. Moreover, for many current scientific fields, claimed research findings may often be simply accurate measures of the prevailing bias.”
(Ioannidis JP. Why most published research findings are false.
PloS Med 2005 Aug; 2(8): e124.)

“The CDC’s image as an independent watchdog over the public health has given it enormous prestige, and its recommendations are occasionally enforced by law. Despite the agency’s disclaimer, the CDC does receive millions of dollars in industry gifts and funding, both directly and indirectly, and several recent CDC actions and recommendations have raised questions about the science it cites, the clinical guidelines it promotes, and the money it is taking.”
(Lenzer J. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: protecting the private good? BMJ 2015 May 15; 350; h2362.)

When considered as a whole, Miller’s Review of Critical Vaccine Studies exposes the people who shape the vaccine paradigm for what they are: self-serving criminals pumping out chemical cocktails based on fraudulent research operating within a liability-free industry/governmental relationship who are more than willing to injure or kill you and your children to maximize current and future profits.

Whether you use Miller’s book to inform your vaccine-related decisions or to inform your legislators’ vaccine-related votes, Miller’s Review of Critical Vaccine Studies will serve as one of your most valuable resources.

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Raun Kaufman’s Book, Autism Breakthrough is Truly a Breakthrough for Parents of Autistic Children

In the 1970s, Raun Kaufman was a severely autistic boy with a functional IQ below 30. Today he is an author, lecturer, and many would say healer of autistic children. He is also a leading force in a program that has helped thousands of parents reach into their children’s worlds and then love them into theirs. How is such a thing possible? Autism is a life-long condition. The best we can do for “these children” is medicate them and lock them away in institutions so they don’t hurt themselves, so parents can get on with their lives.

Those are the messages that Raun’s parents heard from the leading “experts” in the field of autism research. And sadly, far too many experts today offer no more expertise than the experts from Raun’s childhood.

Raun’s parents, Barry Neal Kaufman and Samahria Lyte Kaufman, ignored the experts and viewed their son’s odd behaviors not as problems to be ashamed of and extinguished, but as coping skills purposefully performed to survive in the hostile, chaotic, and painful world common to autistic people. They knew their best chance of helping their son reach his full potential lay in their absolute love and acceptance of the severely autistic child they held in their arms. Ignoring the scoffs and scorn of experts and well-meaning family and friends, they viewed Raun as their teacher and they joined him in his peculiar behaviors. (Raun and his parents refer to these behaviors as “isms.”) This was the beginning of Raun’s transformation and now, decades later, as the first graduate and current Director of the Global Education for the Autism Treatment Center of America, Raun enthusiastically empowers parents with the same skills his parents intuitively and courageously practiced so long ago.

Ruan Kaufman_img_0

Raun’s father shared this remarkable story in his 1979 bestselling book, Son Rise. 14 years later, Raun joined his father in writing the book, Son Rise: The Miracle Countinues. Many others have told the story including NBC’s award-winning television special Son Rise: A Miracle of Love. ATCA offers an extensive list of books, DVDs, and other resources at this link.

And now Raun tells his story and the story of the program his parents implemented—the Son-Rise Program—in his own words in a book that most people believed Raun would never be able to read, let alone write.

Autism Breakthrough: The Groundbreaking Method that has Helped Families All Over the World is truly groundbreaking. With great compassion and infectious hope, Raun details the principles that allowed him to grow and move beyond the world he experienced as a young child. He details these principles in chapters titled Joining, Motivation, Creativity, Socialization, Eye Contact and Nonverbal Communication, Verbal Communication, Interactive Attention Span, Flexibility, Giving Control, The Myth of False Hope, The Good-Tryer Principle, The Big Picture, Sensory Overload, Tantrums and Other Challenging Behaviors, Asperger’s Syndrome, Addressing the Biology of Autism—Especially Diet, and Attitude.

Autism Breakthrough book image

The book concludes with a heavily referenced section on the science supporting the Son-Rise Program as well as a comparison of Applied Behavior Analysis and the Son-Rise Program.

As a behavioral health therapist, I increasingly find myself in a peculiar place: Professionals refer or parents bring in their children to see me because the conventional wisdom of the day is that autism is a psychological disorder. Yet extensive research demonstrates that autism is largely biomedical in nature, often caused by our children’s ubiquitous exposure to environmental toxins. If the cause is biomedical then wouldn’t the treatment also be biomedical? Change the diet, supply needed nutrients, heal the gastrointestinal disease, heal the immune system, cleanse the body of heavy metals and other toxins found in GMOs, biocides such as RoundUp, vaccines and other drugs, amalgam fillings, PCBs, flame retardant, and numerous other toxins, many of which were present from the day our children were conceived.

Consequently, most of my counseling has been a process of helping parents recognize that the key to their children’s healing lie in treatment provided by specially trained medical professionals—professionals who have treated and recovered thousands of autistic children over the last few decades. Autism One’s website features numerous full-length, video recording of such specialists. The organization Medical Academy of Pediatric Special Needs also lists providers trained to biomedically treat people with autism.

I was well aware of the principles of Applied Behavioral Analysis as a behavior modification program designed to do just that: change behaviors through rewards and consequences. Such methods have always struck me as mechanistic and disrespectful, if not abusive. Kaufman points out in Autism Breakthrough that such methods might be successful in getting children to count, to learn their colors, or to sit still, but parents of autistic children do not cry themselves to sleep at night praying that their children will learn such skills. No, they yearn for a connection with their children, a loving glance, a touch, a kind word. And they yearn that their children will one day laugh and play with their friends.

The Son-Rise Program recognizes above all else that autism is a social-relational disorder. Thus, the entire emphasis is first on relating to their children. And then, if and when it happens, celebrating with great enthusiasm when their children relate to them. And affected children are no different than others in that they are much more likely to relate to others when those others reach out to them with love, kindness, attention, and affection.

Autism Breakthrough is not just a book about parenting autistic children; it’s a book about parenting. Period. If the principles work—and they do—with some of our most affected children, then they will surely work with our children who are less affected by the toxic world our generation has passed on to them.


Thanks to the principles taught in Autism Breakthrough, in addition to educating parents about the biomedical causes and treatments for autism, I am excited to also offer the principles and the program they can use within the walls of their own home, principles that will draw them closer to their children and thus draw their children closer to a world beyond autism.

I am pleased to add my endorsement of Autism Breakthrough to the following endorsements:

Reading Autism Breakthrough brought chills to my body and tears of joy to my soul. This book must be read by every parent of a child with autism. The Son-Rise Program changed my life and the life of my daughter, who showed all the signs of early-stage autism. Today she thrives because I knew exactly what to do: ignore all of the dire predictions and immerse her in precisely the principle and techniques described in Autism Breakthrough.
—Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, #1 New York Times Bestselling Author of The Power of Intention

I learned more about my daughter by reading this book than I have through all of the others I’ve read over the eleven years since her diagnosis. No matter how old your child is, Autism Breakthrough can help you to connect in ways you may have never thought possible.
—Wendy Fournier, President, National Autism Association

I highly recommend Raun Kaufman’s new book, Autism Breakthrough, to all parents, family members, and practitioners of persons on the autism spectrum. It combines the scientifically validated therapies of The Son-Rise Program with an easy-to-read approach. I frequently refer our patients to The Son-Rise Program, and I have seen the objective improvements in my patients with my own eyes. It has also helped my own son and our family tremendously.
—Phillip C. Demio, M.D., Executive Director of the American Medical Autism Board and Chief Medical Officer of the US Autism & Asperger Association

In my practice of psychiatry in a teaching hospital over several decades I have never been introduced to a set of clinical principles as powerful, elegant, and effective. The outcomes are truly stuffing: Children make concrete and sweeping progress and parents overcome feelings of devastation and learn to accept, enjoy, and meaningfully help their children.
—Ted McCarthy, M.D., Former Chief of Psychiatry, Mercy Hospital, Portland, Maine

For more information, please check out the Autism Treatment Center of America.

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